Hold Up, L’il Mo! I’m Confused!

This is R & B singer L’il Mo. Now I’m not that much into R & B in that the quality of the music being pumped out of the music industry these days-not to mention all of the evil spirits attached to them all-is WAY down.

I was on YT looking at videos and I ran across this one of L’il Mo. It looks like she was leading some sort of praise and worship service.

So, being the inquisitive person that I am, I watched it.

Having been a praise and worship leader in the institutionalized church myself, I can admit that she is an awesome singer, very talented. And she is very beautiful. Someone commented on this video that L’il Mo is ‘anointed.’

Now, having remembered what I and others equated to ‘the anointing,’ I knew what they were saying. I just didn’t agree with them. While watching this video, I felt a ‘something’ that seemed like it was the anointing.

But I stopped myself and I said ‘HOLD UP! Let me go find something else L’il Mo has done more recently (this video was recorded in April of last year).

So I went to L’il Mo’s website and found a more recent video…one made in October of last year. Here is what I found:

I got about 2 minutes into this video, but had to turn it off when she started shaking her butt in the camera.

So now I am REALLY confused, because she is preaching and stuff in the first video-seemingly under ‘an anointing.’  But in this video she is encouraging young women to shake their groove thang in the camera…On the Floor.


This is not an attack on L’il Mo.  I don’t know the young lady from Adam, or Eve.

I am just trying to figure out what spirit she was operating under in April at the Temple of Praise.  And if she allowed that spirit to keep her throughout the year?

Or was the singing in T.O.P. just another performance?

Now having been a praise and worship leader, I know.  That wasn’t the first time she has did this.  She is skilled at the church thing.  That religious demon in her (yes, I went there) performed it’s BUTT off.  She talked of faith, the power of God, her grandma, jumped up and down, she even got her ‘humph’ in there…the whole nine.

People think that a religious spirit only manifests in super-holy, dress-down-to- the- knees folks.  Not so.  A religious spirit is one that feels comfortable and finds it acceptable to bump and grind in the club on Saturday, then shout the house down on Sunday.

Incongruent lifestyles…..

That’s just like that spirit of divination in the woman in the Book of Acts.

She was worshipping her butt off, too.  But in the end, there was some deliverance that was needed.

And that’s not a bad thing.

What’s bad is being in need of deliverance….and-ONE, not knowing it…and performing in front of people, folks thinking they are being ministered to, when, in fact, all she was doing was imparting more religious demons to the T.O.P.

And, TWO, KNOWING you need deliverance….and refusing it!


Inbox me if you want to know how!

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2 thoughts on “Hold Up, L’il Mo! I’m Confused!

  1. Wenona, I perceive nothing divine in either video. In fact, I like the second video better. She needs to stay out of gospel music.

  2. There is a difference in performing for God and worshiping God. Leading people to worship God and entertaining the masses. Jason Ministries is about teaching these differences and seeing the church return to its purpose — true worship. Thank you for posting this and helping to call attention to this very real issue.

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