ET VOUS, Aretha???

Ok, I was going to leave the Whitney thing alone.

But I came across Whitney’s godmother, Aretha Franklin, paying tribute to Whitney.

Aretha does not disappoint:  she gives a powerful, moving rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You.’  True to Baptist church form, she starts playing what I like to call ‘preaching music’ as she pays homage to -in her words-“one of the greatest singers that ever stood before a mic.”

I can appreciate great singing as much as the next person, maybe even a bit more, since I love music and come from a musical family myself.


There is a difference between singing great and worshipping someone.

And Aretha is straight up worshipping Whitney in this video!

It’s quite sickening…

Aretha sounded like an old Baptist preacher at a funeral, we all have been to them.  The ones where they have soul-stirring music and testi-phonies-I mean testimonies.  The ones where no matter how one lived, they enter the pearly gates.

Aretha PLAYED that piano.  Yes.  If we were in church, folks would have been shouting and passing out all under the pew.  Much like I imagine they’re gonna do this weekend in the private funeral they are holding for Whitney.

(Yall know that’s why it’s private, right?  Those religious spirits are gonna have a BALL, sending off Whitney in TRUE Baptist form!)

NO cameras, NO news media, none of that.

But anyway, back to Aretha.

Aretha is another church girl…who sold out for the big bucks and fame and fortune.

At least she didn’t succumb to drugs, or get turned out…but she is as religious as all get out!

And THAT’S NOT a good thing.

Religious spirits love churchanity.  They embrace tradition.  They never hear what the Spirit of the Lord is truly saying.  They LOVE to continuously have their SOULS stirred, while their spirit man stays DEAD.  They love ministries, music, and sermons that appeal to their SOULS-that is, their flesh, their wills, their minds, and their emotions.

And the devil LOVES to give them just what they want.  Just what they ask for.

The sad part is when they leave this life and all thats been stirred are their SOULS-and NOT their spirits-no matter how much the preacher preach them into heaven, no matter how soul stirring the sermonic soloist try to sing the folks happy, to make the grieving family believe that the dearly departed made it into the pearly gates…


THAT”S the SAD part.

We need to stop lying to folks, even those who are mourning the loss of a loved one.  Lying to them-and others who are present at a funeral-is doing them a GREAT INJUSTICE.

I have sang at funerals before, ministered, when I was a part of the I.C.  And I admit, as a minister, it is a very challenging and daunting task to try and minister to people who have just lost a loved one, especially in cases where they departed young or senselessly, as is the case with Whitney.

But as hard as it may be, we are mandated by THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD-who IS the SPIRIT OF TRUTH-to tell the WHOLE truth, and nothing BUT the truth.

The grieving families don’t need to be lied to.

If a drug dealer is shot to death-reaping what he/she truly has sown-and you and EVERYBODY else KNOW that they were unrepentant about it…and in fact, PROUD of the fact that they were making that paper the way that they did, then guess what?  They went to hell.  Period.

Sitting there LYING to the baby mama, the drug dealer’s family and other gang members that that person is going to heaven is WRONG.  And if anyone in that funeral walks out of there and dies without Christ Jesus, then their blood is required at  YOUR hands!

I often say that when my time comes, I was going to have a pre-recorded message of myself to be played at my funeral.  I don’t want anyone preaching at my funeral. I dont want it to be in a church.  And I want a closed casket.

That shell in that casket is not the person any longer.  Its mere dust.  Fix it up.  Paint it up.  Whatever.  How many times have you been to a funeral, walked up to a casket of a loved one, and said to yourself ‘Who is THAT?’

That person didn’t look the same.  Why?

Because that is NOT them.  They have left that body.  They won’t see that body again until the right before the rapture, when God allows the souls and spirits of the departed  to be reunited with their bodies.

So close that casket, stop all that hollering, and GET RIGHT WITH GOD!

STOP IDOLIZING and WORSHIPPING DEAD FOLKS!  Jesus said, ‘Let the dead bury their dead…’

You know how I interpret that?

Only folks who are spiritually dead do all of that…that stuff you see Baptist or other religious folks do when folks die.

If you are alive in Christ Jesus, you know that if that person was saved, then you have nothing to grieve about.  Yes, we’re human and we miss folks.  We grieve.  But we should NOT grieve as the world grieves.  I am amazed as far as this Whitney thing is concerned b/c there are folks who NEVER met Whitney who are building memorials and shrines all over the place, crying crocodile tears over this woman.  Yall did NOT know this woman!  STOP IT!

They did the same thing for Michael.


Plain and simple.

I am disappointed in Aretha, but not surprised.  She came up in the Baptist church, as I did.

I just thank GOD He had delivered me from CHURCHANITY!

Be blessed.

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