B Slade (F.K.A. Gospel Artist Tonex) Pays Tribute to Whitney

B Slade-or the (gospel) artist formerly known as Tonex-is in this video singing a tribute to Whitney Houston.  He is performing in a niteclub showing off his tremendous talent and skills singing  a Whitney Houston favorite.

If you are not familiar with Tonex/B Slade, Tonex was a gospel artist who literally came out of the closet a few years ago. Tonex did so on the Lexi Show that used to air on the Word Network.  I remember how the church ranted and raved so against Tonex.  I remember when Tonex was claiming Bishop Eddie Long as his ‘spiritual father.’  I remember when he became the pastor of the pentecostal church after his own father passed away.

Whitney and Tonex (I refuse to call him his ‘alter-ego,’ B. Slade) are both products of the institutionalized church.  Both were brought up in church, cutting their teeth on the pew-so to speak.  Both can sing their socks off.  (I personally prefer Tonex over Whitney, but Whitney had a beautiful voice, nonetheless).

We all know how the story ends with Whitney.  Sadly.  But for those who don’t know Tonex or how he got to where he is now, allow me to update.

Tonex (google him) rose to the heights of gospel success.  Tonex singing octave is UNRIVALED, second to none.  He also was an ordained minister in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (P.A.W.).  He was an EXCELLENT, powerful preacher as well.

But there is more to the story than that.  In this video, ‘Going Away,’ Tonex gives us some history.

I absolutely LOVE this video, because Tonex, whose real name is Anthony Williams, Jr., gives insight on how he not only came to the decision to leave the church system, but how he ended up ‘becoming’ gay.  Yes, I know there are people out there that don’t believe one can ‘become’ gay, but this video proves that one can CHOOSE to live that lifestyle.  And just as one can choose to live that lifestyle, one can choose NOT to live that lifestyle as well!

While I do not support his decision to live that lifestyle, I do understand WHY Tonex is doing so.

He was raped and molested by church leaders in the P.A.W. as a child.  And forced to sing, preach, dance and prophesy on top of it, as if it never happened.  And then as he matured into a man, more and more (male) ‘leaders’ approached him…sexually.  When they would invite him to preach or do concerts at their churches, they would also solicit sexual favors from him.  And I do believe there was a time when Tonex resisted.  He had been married to Yvette Williams at one time in his career.

But-as always when you’re dealing with someone who is struggling with their sexuality AND married to them-the marriage fell apart.

It is my belief that after the divorce is when he started going back into that lifestyle.

Tonex was looking for men of God to help him STAY delivered.  And what he found instead was massive perversion on all levels of ministry.

I will also say I do believe Eddie Long-who was claiming Tonex as a spiritual son at one time-probably asked for sexual favors from Tonex.

We don’t know of any stories of abuse with Whitney in the church, but I wouldn’t doubt that there were some.  Whitney came from a very religious family:  her mother, Cissy Houston, is a gospel singer and Aretha Franklin is her godmother.  Dionne Warwick is her cousin.

Whitney practically cut her first tooth on the pew of New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ.

We may never know of any instances of abuse Whitney may have suffered at church.  It is often encouraged (especially within the Baptist church) to take such allegations with you to the grave.

And Whitney probably did just that…

“How can you assume she was abused?” you ask.

So much sexual perversion lies within the institutionalized church.  I know.  I myself have been raped by leaders, approached inappropriately for sexual favors by leaders and know others who have as well.

Plus, look at the life of Whitney Houston.  Why would someone who had the entertainment industry practically eating out of the palm of her hand-a BLACK woman, to boot-would throw that away…for drugs???

Why would one of the most beautiful black women to ever live-who could have had anyone she wanted-marry a crackhead named Bobby Brown?  Then stand by him through thick and thin as he continuously go to jail?

Why would Whitney (and Bobby) consistently live a drug-filled, partying lifestyle-in front of their only child?  Child protective services had been called on them when Bobbi Kristina was a young child (THAT was not highly publicized, btw).  Why?  Because of their lifestyle they lived in front of the child.

These behaviors does not signify a healthy woman.  SOMETHING happened in Whitney’s life that enabled her to become this ‘other’ woman who the world was shocked to witness and behold.  That ‘other’ woman begin to overshadow any talent, beauty or gift that Whitney had.  Sadly…

I don’t say these things disrespectfully.  I mourn her loss.  Not much though.  I mourn MORE the battle that lies ahead for Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi.

Tonex, Whitney and others are just a few who represent many lost souls who are in search of God.  They go to the I.C. (the Institutionalized Church) looking for relief, only to find more perversion, abuse and malice.

The sad part is that there are millions of people out there who are hurting…inside of the institutionalized church system.  Money, fame, fortune and popularity cannot erase the abuse and horrors one can and eventually WILL face in the institutionalized church system.

It is time to COME OUT of the institutionalized church and find liberty and freedom.

Are you ready?


Inbox or comment me for more information on how to come out of religion…

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